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【ADCC】ホナウド・ジャカレ インタビュー


Ronaldo Jacare
By Marcelo Alonso
Reviewing ADCC 2005

Ronaldo Jacare was one of the great athletes of ADCC 2005. After doing eight fights and taking the - 88kg title home, Jacare fought tough guys as Marcelinho Garcia, Alexandre Cacareco at the open class and did review the final of BJJ Worlds 2004, against Roger Gracie. However, his fight started even in Brazil, before departing, due to some visa troubles. During this interview, made on the day after the competition, Jacare talks about his problems to get a visa, his fights with Marcelinho, Cacareco and Roger and other things he's seen at ADCC 2005.


How did you submit with leg-lock a specialist as Alexandre Cacareco?
I fixed the hook from behind and fell down to his side. His leg got stuck in my hook. I caught him and pulled with the hook and then submitted him by leg-lock.


During your fight with Marcelinho. did you have a special strategy?
I wanted to fight on the top or bellow. I pulled him to my closed guard and fixed a triangle choke, once he is smaller and his arms would be spread. I attacked alternating the triangle choke and kimura. He ended submitted by a kimura from the guard.


And tell me about your strategy against Roger Gracie.
I was doing a great fight with Roger, but unfortunately I allowed him to get positioned. By the time he caught my back. He was superior on the fight.


Even winning the bout, you didn't play the tight game and kept fighting.
Yes. But in certain time he caught my back. He didn't even put the hooks. He passed through and fixed a triangle choke in my waist. I stood up. That is his position. With his long legs. (laughing)


There was a time referee said something for you and you gesticulated. What happened in that moment?
He said something with me and I was thinking he wanted us to go to the middle of the mat. I pointed with my finger I would go to the middle. I relaxed and Roger fixed the rear naked choke in my neck and submitted me. I thought referee had stopped the fight, because he touched me and I don't really understand English. But maybe Roger would catch me anyway, because it's his favorite position. and so far he had submitted everyone from there.


Dou you want to face Roger at the BJJ Worlds?
Absolutely. I want and I like to fight him. I appreciate fighting with a tough guy. My happiness is fighting! My goal is facing the best fighters. Xande Ribeiro means good fight. I like to fight him. If I have to fight him, I'll always do because it will kick ass. I enjoy difficult fights and Roger for me is the most difficult fighter for me.


But do you have a strategy to defeat him now?
There is always a move you use in the certain time.


And about the visa? Without it you would be out of ADCC...
I start this story from Manaus. In two occasions, I've renewed my visa by the internet. I visited Embassy's web site, pay the first tax and then return to the web site and schedule an interview. The problem is they didn't have time for me until end of June. Then I called the Embassy everyday and I was not working. A week before, some people started to help me. Vitor from Koral was the guy who motivated me the most. In the last time I told Vitor: "I think I'll not fight ADCC". And Vitor, who is my sponsor, told me: "You will! You cannot give up. You shall never give up! I trained in plenty agony for 15 days.


But then you got it.
We've sent a letter to the Consulate and a Xerox copy of the flight ticket. Kid Peligro helped me a lot. Vitor sent a fax as a manager and also the invitation letter of ADCC. The interview was on May 27, it means a day before the event. ADCC guys allowed me to weight at the time. I went to the consulate 5:30 am and called the dispatcher to help me out. At 11am my name was in the list and I haven't felt any kind of prejudice because I'm black. Every time I went to the Consulate I was never mistreated. I was treat as a professional athlete. When I left the building I screamed and shouted: "I will fight Abu-Dhabi!"

■領事館に手紙を送り、フライトチケットのコピーを送った。Kid Peligroはとても私の力になってくれたよ。ヴィトーはマネージャーとしてファックスを送ってくれ、ADCCの招待状も送ってくれた。インタビューは5/27だったんだよ。つまりイベントの前日だ。ADCCは計量は当日行う事で許してくれた。大使館に5:30に訪れ、私を助けてくれるディスパッチャーを呼んだ。11時の予定になっていて、私が黒人だからという偏見みたいなものは感じなかった。領事館ではいつも嫌な気持ちは味わった事はない。私をプロフェッショナルのアスリートとして扱ってくれるんだ。建物を出て、私は万歳をして叫んだよ「アブダビで戦える!!」ってね。

And tell me about the plane trip.
When a competition is near to happen, I only care about sleeping. On the plane I ate a lot. Even the stewardess though I was funny. Because I slept and ate the whole time. I ended weighting 88kg. I've never weight like this in my whole life.



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