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  • 2010.09.28 Tuesday
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【UFC】ジョルジュ・サンピエール インタビュー

ジョルジュ・サンピエール インタビュー

Georges St. Pierre 'Preparing for Fitch'
By Justin Bolduc

PDG's Justin Bolduc sat down with UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre to discuss his upcoming UFC 87 bout against Jon Fitch, as well as training, and changing weight classes.

PDGのJustin BolducはUFCウェルター級チャンピオン、ジョルジュ・サンピエールにインタビューし、今度のUFC87でのジョン・フィッチ戦について、トレーニングについて、そして階級の変更について聞きました。

PDG: How are you doing Georges?
Georges: I’m doing very well. I’m going to train right now – I’m on my way.


PDG: In the past you’ve traveled to New York to train jiu-jitsu with Renzo Gracie, and you’ve also been known to train with Greg Jackson’s camp. Now I heard you went to Brazil and trained. Do you want to talk about how your training has evolved and what you’ve been doing at this point?
Georges: I went to Brazil for vacation, but the day before my vacation [the UFC] announced that I was going to fight Jon Fitch. I saw in that a great opportunity to train jiu-jitsu there. I brought my gi and I trained really hard. I didn’t really enjoy my vacation time, I enjoyed my training.


PDG: What was the experience like to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu where it all began?
Georges: I made a lot of friends and had the chance to train with the best guys in the world, so it was an awesome experience.


PDG: How do you feel it affected your submission game?
Georges: I’m way better than I used to be before. My hips are way more fluid. It was the best thing I could have done for my jiu-jitsu game.


PDG: Once again you’re not fighting an easy guy. What are your thoughts on Jon and what unique challenges does he bring to the table?
Georges: He’s a different fighter than I have fought before. He brings a lot of problems to the table. He’s a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a great, great wrestler, and he’s great standing up. I’m going to have to use a lot more tools than I have in the past because he’s very well-rounded – he’s a new breed of mixed martial arts fighter.


PDG: You don’t really have a background in wrestling but a lot consider you one of the best at it inside MMA. What kind of things did you do to overcome guys who have wrestled since they were five years old?
Georges: I learn very fast and I train with some of the best guys in the world. When you do so you are just as good as your training partners.


PDG: There was talk that you’d like to represent Canada in the Olympics in wrestling; is that something that you would still like to pursue?
Georges: Well right now I don’t really think about it because it is in the past. At that time I was training wrestling, and what happened is a funny story actually; I was training wrestling for going to the Olympic Trials but when Matt Serra got hurt I had the opportunity to fight for the interim title. So right there because I’m a mixed martial arts fighter my priority was to fight in MMA. For me I prefer to have a world champion belt for MMA then a chance to go to the Olympics. Also I was going to do the try-outs – it is one thing to go to the try-outs but another to go to the Olympics you know [laughs]. I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity again in the future, but if the timing is right I’d do it, for sure.


PDG: There has been a lot of talk recently about some guys changing weight classes. We just saw Anderson Silva fight at 205-pounds, B.J. Penn has said he wants to fight for the welterweight title, and there has been talk about you moving up to fight Anderson. Is that something you actually want to do and what do you think is left to challenge you at welterweight?
Georges: Right now I think the number one guy to beat is Jon Fitch – he is undefeated in the UFC. I am having the best challenge right now. We’ll see. I go step by step. I don’t want to look past Jon Fitch; I made that mistake once when I fought Matt Serra for the title a year ago. Fitch is a great fighter. After [the fight with Fitch] I’ll see. Maybe B.J. Penn, maybe Thiago Alves – there are a lot of guys. Right now is not good timing for me to move up in weight class because I have a lot of requests and a lot of challenges in my weight class, but if one day the timing is good we’ll see – why not, you know?


PDG: An art form in itself in this sport is cutting weight. You seem to be considered one of the bigger welterweights out there. What is the process like for you to get down to 170 by fight time?
Georges: Well, that is just an illusion. People think I’m a huge, huge welterweight – I’m a big welterweight, but I’m not the biggest one. Jon Fitch is bigger. [Josh Koscheck] is bigger than I am. Normally I walk around at 185, 186, 187 – a lot of guys at welterweight walk around near 200-pounds. I think it is because I have a large frame, but I’m not very thick. It makes me look bigger. Cutting weight for me is easy and I don’t have any problem doing it. It is like a walk in the park.


PDG: Some of the guys are crazy with how much they can cut. Like you said, Koscheck is a big welterweight and he said he could probably even get to 155 if he wanted to.
Georges: I could probably get down to 155 if I wanted to with a diet and everything, but the thing is I want to be healthy at the end of my career when I retire. I don’t want to have [problems with my kidneys]. Cutting weight is bad for your body. It is not something good. Right now I try and stay healthy and don’t force it too much, and I plan on keeping it that way.


PDG: A big thing now taking place in Nevada right now is extra drug testing – not just at fight time but now to become licensed to fight. What are thoughts on the additional testing?
Georges: For me I think it is a good thing. I don’t mind at all, I don’t take steroids and I’ve never taken drugs so they can change the rules to test people as much as they want – it’s not going to bother me.


PDG: Are you aware of a challenge that [Elite XC’s] Gary Shaw made to Dana White about you fighting Jake Shields on one of their shows on CBS?
Georges: No, I didn’t know that. I’m a professional fighter and if I have to do it, I will do it. If the UFC asks me to do it I will do it, it is up to them.


PDG: What would you think about fighting on a major television network?
Georges: It would have been a great honor. It would be good for my career – as long as I do well [laughs]. But I would not refuse it.


PDG: How do you reflect on your career up to this point?
Georges: I’m happy about my accomplishments, but it is very hard to go up and very easy to go down. I want to keep it up [laughs].


PDG: To wrap things up are there any sponsors you want to mention or any final words you want to say?
Georges: I want to thank Affliction and I’ll my fans for the support.



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