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  • 2010.09.28 Tuesday
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【EliteXC/Strikeforce】ドリュー・フィケット インタビュー

ドリュー・フィケット インタビュー

Quick Q&A w/ Top Ranked Assassin, Drew Fickett
Submitted by:Arias Garcia Jr.
Posted on : 2/26/2008

On March 29th, 2008, Drew Fickett will face his toughest challenge to date when he takes on Jake Shields on a show co-promoted by EliteXC and Strikeforce. A perennial contender in the welterweight division, Fickett has faced the likes of Nick Diaz, Kenny Florian, Carlo Prater, Kurt Pellegrino, Karo Parisyan, and Josh Koscheck. Out of those fights, this UFC veteran has gone 4-2 with three stoppages. Fickett is on a role lately riding a three fight win streak which included an undefeated 2007. Will he be able to take this momentum into 2008 or will he be the tenth victim in a row for Shields? Here is what the always entertaining Fickett told ADCC News in this quick Q&A.

3/29、ドリュー・フィケットはかつてないタフな相手と戦います。EliteXCとStrikeforceによる共同開催となる大会で、彼はジェイク・シールズと戦います。ウェルター級で古くからコンテンダーであり続けたフィケットはニック・ディアスやケニー・フロリアン、Carlo Prater、カート・ペリグリーノ、カロ・パリシャン、ジョシュ・コスチェックといった相手と戦ってきました。これらの試合を彼は4勝2敗で切り抜けています。フィケットは2007年を無敗で過ごし、3連勝中です。2008年、彼はこの流れに乗って行けるでしょうか?それともシールズの連勝の10番目の犠牲者になってしまうのでしょうか?

ADCC: Drew you had an undefeated 2007 with victories over Keita Nakamura, Anthony Lapsley, and Mark Weir. What do you contribute most to the winning streak?
DREW: A real competitive attitude, overcoming a lot of adversity, and a little luck.

:ドリュー、2007年は中村K太郎、Anthony Lapsley、マーク・ウィアーを下し無敗で過ごしたね。この連勝の主要因はなんだと思う?

ADCC: You fought for the UFC, HDNET Fights, and Cage Rage and now Strikeforce and EliteXC will co-promote your next fight. Which organization are you signed to and what are your feelings on the organizations you have already fought for?
DREW: Well, I think it really just comes down to contracts and money. One of the biggest factors was my ability to fight outside of the organization in other events. I really like to travel and if I ever get the opportunity I would love to fight in Japan. Gary (Shaw) has been very cool about signing me to an open contract which would enable me to do so.

:あなたはUFC、HDNet、Cage Rageのために戦い、そして今回はStrikeforceとEliteXCの共同開催大会だね。あなたはどの団体と契約しているんだい?今までに闘ってきた団体をどう思っている?

ADCC: Your next fight will be against EliteXC’s Champion, Jake Shields. What do you think about your opponent?
DREW: I think he is awesome and one of the most underrated fighters in the world. Some people think he is boring, but all I do hear about is him choking people the “f” out. Sounds pretty exciting to me.


ADCC: Who are you training with for this fight?
DREW: I will start a training camp in Florida at the Armory with Kurt Pellegrino, Melissa, Justin, and of course the Brazilian Freedom Fighters, Getz and Ralphe. I am also going to fly out an old friend of mine James Terry. It is a really good camp for me. I have been getting ready at South West Mixed Martial Arts in Tempe Arizona and been training with the best strength training coach in the world, Matt Bratton. And I can't leave out Chris "The Robin Redneck" Brock who is the next big thing and has really helped me with my knife fighting defense.

■フロリダのArmoryでトレーニングを始める。カート・ペリグリーノ、Melissa、Justin、そして当然Brazillian Freedom FightersのGetzとRalpheと行うよ。旧友のJames Terryのところにも行くつもりさ。私にとって素晴らしいキャンプになると思うよ。アリゾナのSouth West Mixed Martial Artsで準備を始めており、世界有数のストレングスのコーチ、Matt Brarronとトレーニングしている。それに次代の大物Chris Brockも忘れちゃいけない、ナイフディフェンディングで私を助けてくれている。

ADCC: Is this fight for the title?
DREW: This fight will be for the eighth ranked assassin in the world, even though I think Jake is probably higher than that.


ADCC: Both of you guys seem to have strengths on the ground. Will the majority of this fight take place on the mat or could we see more of a standup exchange?
DREW: I think that we will bring the best out of each other, if I don't get submitted, it could be one of our most exciting fights.


ADCC: In a perfect world for Drew Fickett, how does this fight go?
DREW: A war with blood, bullets and cool explosions. I would think an honorable death by rear-naked-choke for either of us would be pretty cool as long as we get to punch each other in the face a lot before that.


ADCC: What can a victory over Shields do for your assassin status?
DREW: It will allow me to move up my assassin rank and compete against other top ranked killers in the world (laughs).


ADCC: Thanks for your time Drew and good luck in March. Do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors?
DREW: I would like to thank Matt Bratton, my personal strength training in Tempe, Phoenix. Call him at 480-593-5086), Mike Roger's Auto Repair, they do cheap side work, 480-313-2032), Patiently Waiting Fight Gear, MMA Pro sports, The Armory, Team Jackson and all the gamers that live in the gym, Robert Maldanado Dry Cleaning for help cleaning all my Jock Straps, Pure Supplements, the 7:13 crew, Just Weight, and the Rasa at LBJ. To my fans, thanks for enjoying good fights. I'll try to make this one very exciting!

■フェニックスで私のストレングスコーチをしてくれているMatt Brattonに感謝するよ。Mike RogerのAuto Repair、Patiently Waiting Fight Gear、MMA Pro sports、The Armory、チーム・ジャクソン、そしてジムにいる全てのゲーマーに感謝したい。私のJock Strapsを洗ってくれているRobert Maldanado Dry Cleaning、Pure Supplements、the 7:13のクルー、Just Weight、そしてLBJのthe Rasaにも感謝したい。ファンのみんな、いい試合を楽しんでくれてありがとう。この試合、とてもエキサイティングな試合にするよう努力するよ!


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